Get ready to tilt into terror. The new horror-inspired pinball platform for fearless players. Prove your skills on the most sinister, gory, and badass tables ever brought to life.


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Immerse yourself in the thrilling and suspenseful world of Universal Pictures' 1982 classic film - The Thing. Use your pinball skills and battle against the shape-shifting alien through the arctic chill of U.S. Outpost #31. Can you trust anyone, even yourself?

After you play, you’ll wish Chucky’s Killer Pinball was only make-believe! Step into a twisted realm where the innocent becomes sinister, and the playful turns menacing. Navigate through an eerie playfield where Chucky lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce.

Hail to the king, baby! Duke Nukem is here to shoot jackpots and chew bubblegum, and he’s all out of gum. Enjoy the biggest, grooviest, most BADASS pinball table ever made packed with guns and babes. Push start and play with balls of steel!

Step into the realm of horror with Dead by Daylight™ Pinball. Become the hunter or even the hunted in a thrilling fusion of classic pinball and the excitement of one of the most popular horror games ever created.

The end is nigh! Face the horror of the Elder Gods on this table packed with the unspeakable. Try to escape with your sanity...